Increase your sales

Decrease bounce rate, improve conversion and grow sales by showing each visitor a tailored shopping experience based on their interests.

Increase interaction with personalized banners

Usually, banners use the most prominent area of a Home Page. Most e-commerce websites show the same banners to everyone. If a visitor was looking at bedroom products, and you show them bathroom banners, you are losing a big chance of capturing their attention!

DataCue automatically picks from your banners the one that best fits each visitor. Just upload your banners to your DataCue platform, select the layout you want -or create your own, and we'll auto size your banners to fit mobile screens and desktops.

DataCue does not just recommend banners to your users. It also recommends you actions to take with your banners. Measure the performance of each banner based on views, clicks and sales. Make sure you only show the content that converts the best!

Use DataCue's dynamic banners and
- decrease your bounce rate
- increase chance of interaction
- learn about your best banners and A/B Test
- increase conversion

Drive urgency with subtle notifications

Instead of bombarding your users with pop-ups, why not show them only alerts they care about? If a product a visitor is interested in is on discount or low in stock in stock—we'll send them a subtle notification.

All notifications are based on products the user has looked at in the last 30 days. This ensures that the information is relevant and targeted, allowing you to
- drive urgency
- avoid invasive pop-ups
- avoid "out of stock" bad experience
- help your visitors convert faster

Sell more with product recommendations

You have hundreds of products—which ones do you show your visitors? Using your customers' behaviours and transactions, DataCue analyzes and delivers 1:1 recommendations to all your visitors in real time.

Showing products each visitor is most likely to buy,
- reduces the paradox of choice
- increases average order value with upselling and cross-selling
- grows conversion.

The product recommendations of DataCue can be added to different pages of your website, including Home Page, Product Page, Cart Page or Category Page. Try them out!

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