Increase your sales

Improve conversion and grow sales by showing each visitor a tailored shopping experience based on their interests.

Engage with personalized banners

Most Ecommerce websites show the same banners to everyone. What if you could personalize the experience of your visitors to their interest? If a visitor was looking at bedroom products, let's show them bedroom banners!

DataCue automatically picks the banners to show each visitor. We’ve also designed beautiful and responsive grid-based layouts that look great on both mobile and desktop. Just select the layout you want, and we'll auto size them to fit mobile screens and desktops.

Drive urgency with notifications

Instead of bombarding your users with pop-ups, why not show them only alerts they care about? If a product a visitor is interested in is on discount or low in stock in stock—we'll send them a subtle notification.

All notifications are based on products the user has looked at in the last 30 days. This ensures that the notifications are relevant and targeted. This drives urgency and helps your visitors convert faster.

Sell more with product recommendations

You have hundreds of products—which ones do you show your visitors? Using advanced algorithms, your customers' behaviours and transactions, DataCue automatically analyzes and delivers 1:1 recommendations to all your visitors in real time.

Showing products each visitor is most likely to buy reduces the paradox of choice, increases average order value and grows conversion.

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