Take better decisions

Get tips on how to improve your conversion and grow your business faster based on real insights of your customers.

Get tips to grow

Are you fed up with dashboards that keep throwing you different metrics? Speaking to customers made us realize that businesses want actionable insights and not more metrics.

We’ve kept this in mind when we designed our weekly email and dashboard. DataCue analyzes your cutomer behaviour and conversion data to give you tips how to grow your business.

See which banners are no longer effective, check out categories that need a new banner and more!

Monitor key performance

Say you want to A/B test the performance of two banners from the same category. Have you imagined this would be as easy as checking DataCue dashboard?

We summarize the performance of banners and product views for you in one place. You can see which products have the most clicks or which banners give you the highest conversions.

Understand these numbers to get new ideas which products are trending with your customers.

Real time updates

At any time, you can visit the dashboard to see how much revenue you’ve generated from personalization.

Want to see how this week is performing against last week? No problem, you can use a date picker to see weekly and monthly trends. We also send you a weekly report that summarizes you key metrics like total revenue, conversion and DataCue performance.

Ready to bring your store to the next level?