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Giani Dafirenze

Find out why Giani Dafirenze chose DataCue and how we helped increase conversion by 31% in one year.

Giani Dafirenze is a family owned company that started their online journey in 2016. Today, they sell more than USD$688,000 a year. Between 2018 and 2019, they increased conversion by 31% by focusing on improving user onsite experience.


Giani Dafirenze, a family owned company that reinvented itself

Giani Dafirenze is an exclusive footwear store which is a combination of two names. Giani is the first name of the owner of the company, and Dafirenze, the shoes factory her father owned. Dafirenze was a successful factory in Chile in the '80s that went bankrupt after the arrival of chinese competitors. Back then, Giani decided to help her father. Motivated by the mission to preserve the jobs of shoemakers, they reinvented the company and infused it with a unique character. Giani Dafirenze was born again in 2012.

Today, Giani Dafirenze sells their shoes in big retail stores offline and online, besides their own shops and e-commerce channel. They also make shoes for other influential footwear stores in Chile. bills more than USD$688,000 a year.

The challenge of Giani Dafirenze online

Giani Dafirenze online was the big project handed to Javiera Soto, current Digital Director of the company. Amongst the (many) challenges that Javiera had, it was how to help online visitors with product discovery.

We have a lot of SKUs. I pictured people visiting the online store and feeling like they are inside a real shop without the aisles! (...). It was too hard to find something, with so much variety and quantity of products.

Javiera Soto
Digital Director at Giani Dafirenze

It was 2018 when Javiera implemented multiple changes to the website, aiming to improve  online visitors' experience. Using a new e-commerce platform (Shopify), Giani Dafirenze also implemented DataCue, a native app that helps visitors find the products they like, in October 2018. Today, Javiera says that the experience she has created along with DataCue "has enabled us to guide the client to what they were exactly looking for".

Why DataCue?

When choosing a personalization solution, Javiera had two main criteria. One of them was the business proposal and other, case studies. These gave her confidence of expected results based on who in the industry has tried the tool. Nevertheless, the key variable she prioritized was not just hard numbers: quality of the customer service. This is a big plus she likes about working with DataCue, along with the fact that she can manage the experience she wants to personalize on her own. This saves her time because she no longer depends on third parties to work on her requests.  

Starting from the base that the product is good, I like the human quality they have [DataCue]. I love to be able to propose ideas and these are considered. By far, it's what I highlight the most. To me, it's above a million things.

Javiera Soto

How DataCue helped

With DataCue, Javiera was able to implement a personalized user experience in Giani Dafirenze which helps potential clients discover products they are looking for. This experience starts with the exploration phase. The first visible change made onsite was dynamic banners. As they are the most prominent part of the website, banners can retain visitors' attention if they are relevant to their needs. This is critical, since an average visitor spends only 15 seconds when exploring a web.


From DataCue's dashboard, Javiera and her team uploaded different banners from multiple categories. DataCue shows different banners to different visitors depending on their behaviours. For example, someone interested in boots will see different images than someone interested in sandals. Javiera explained that the banners are, for her, the main feature she gets from DataCue. She can also manage this feature herself from the dashboard.

I can change the banners myself, and they will be shown on the website instantly. I do not need to wait three days for that.


Another feature implemented to boost upsell and cross-sell was carousels with recommended products. Three different type of recommendations were added to Home Page and Product Page. For example, "Recommended products for you" carousel shows most popular products to first time visitors, but the products will update automatically once the visitor starts navigating through the store. Javiera noticed a significant improvement in the quality of recommendations, compared to other solutions she had used previously.

DataCue helped me to have a more personalized service, it's more segmented. It allows me to show products that are effectively related.

Recently, new features were added to Giani Dafirenze, such as recommended products in Cart and Error 404 Page, and notifications that tell the user when a product they've seen hass changed in price or stock. Both recent additions were not considered in the results of this case study.


The results

To measure the impact of dynamic banners and product recommendations on Giani Dafirenze, we compared the data from July to September 2019 with the same months in 2018—when DataCue was not yet implemented. These are months without special sales events.

  • First noticeable change was an increase of 43% on average monthly sales.
  • There was an increase of 56% on number of orders
  • On average, montly conversion rate increased by 31% after using DataCue. This is the main KPI DataCue proposes to improve.

To be more strict when measuring results on the conversion rate, we have also excluded traffic from other marketing sources such as social media and email. Considering only direct sessions and the orders they made, we found that the conversion rate of direct traffic increased by 27%.

Javiera explained that she realized the effects of personalization not only on reports, but also from daily interactions with her customers.

I am always looking at [client's] comments and I noticed that for the users, it's become easier to navigate on the website. Search process is also easier. I see this from what people tell us.

Looking forward

Before, when someone bought something, it meant they really looked for it. That was the biggest challenge I was facing. Personalizaiton has enabled us to segment what we show to the clients. Now, its easier for them.

Story does not end here. "I have very high targets for next year. Our idea is that the e-commerce channel will represent 50% of Giani Dafirenze's revenue" says Javiera. We are sure she will get there. The company's focus is still on the user experience, keeping the unique personality that differentiates them from the very beginning.

We have a super exclusive product, they are hand-made and made in Chile. People notice and value this and the rescue of the shoemakers' jobs. We have a unique proposition from what's offered in the market; we distinguish ourselves from the competitors.

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