DataCue vs. Nosto

para hacer crecer tu e-commerce

¿Cansado de configurar reglas y segmentaciones complejas, y elegir manualmente la personalización de tu sitio? Creemos que la personalización no debe ser tan difícil ni tomar tanto tiempo. Con DataCue, tu sitio se personaliza automáticamente mientras tú...te dedicas a tu negocio.

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¿Por qué DataCue en lugar de Nosto?

Menor tiempo de integración,  resultados rápidos
Fast results
The biggest hurdle according to Gartner for marketers to implement personalization is execution. Showing the right content to the right visitor at the right time is possible and should be easy. Not ‘this-should-only-take-six-months’ easy.  

Unlike solutions like Nosto, setting up DataCue is a breeze. There’s no complex rule or configuration involved. We embrace the plug and play mentality and the recommendations are live on your website in under a few hours. Waste no time setting up and see results faster.
Precios transparentes
transparent pricing
At DataCue, we believe in a transparent pricing model. That’s why our pricing is public on the website so you know exactly how much you will spend every month. We understand you want to make sure this is the right investment, that’s why we have 30-day money back guarantee. We are confident you will love it.
Evita pagar de más
no bill shock
Commission-based pricing gives us an incentive to improve our product so we can generate more revenue for you.

However we completely understand how this can lead to a bill shock at the end of the month. That’s why we have a feature where you can tell us your budget and we will never exceed it. Once you are close to reaching the limit, we will always notify you.

This way, we are always incentivized to improve our algorithm and you have a predictable expense.
Plugin nativo
Native plugin
We understand the frustration felt by marketers whenever you want to experiment with a new solution.

That’s why DataCue is available as a native plugin for most e-commerce platforms. If you are on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop or VTEX you’re just a few clicks away.

Don’t worry if your platform is not listed here, our documentation is extensive and well documented and your developers can get the integration done in no time.
Sin dashboards complejos
no complicated dashboards
There are two problems with most dashboards. It either overwhelms you with a lot of statistics you don’t need to know or fails to give you something valuable you can implement on your store right away.

That's why we summarize for you the most important info about your store performance in a way easy to understand.
Obtén recomendaciones accionables
actionable insights
With the rich data that we have on what your visitors are doing, we turn this into actionable insights for you. Want to know which banners are the best performing this week? Done! Curious what products get the most views? No sweat.

But that's not all! Iinstead of just overwhelming you with statistics, we give you advice on things you can do to improve your revenue even more and our clients love this.

DataCue está construido para marketeros y cualquier
e-commerce que busque personalización premium que no requiera configuraciones complejas y esté andando en poco tiempo.

Tal como Nosto, cambiaremos los banners a medida que tu usuario navega y enviaremos correos para crear una experiencia personalizada completa. Pensamos que los Pop-ups son intrusivos, así que en lugar de ellos enviaremos alertas sutiles en base a descuentos o cambios de stock. Nuestro modelo de precios es transparente y no te asustará.

Con DataCue, obtienes personalización premium sin invertir esfuerzos de más.

¡Estamos felices de que consideres DataCue entre las diferentes soluciones para personalizar tu sitio!

Si quieres hacer crecer tu tienda sin tener que gastar tiempo de más,