DataCue vs. LimeSpot

para hacer crecer tu e-commerce

LimeSpot puede ser una buena opción si es primera vez que experimentas con personalización. Si tu tienda ya está creciendo y buscas personalizar a otro nivel, con DataCue estás en buenas manos.

Únete a la comunidad Shopify que está personalizando con DataCue…
…y descubre por qué aumentamos en un 20% sus ingresos en promedio.

¿Por qué DataCue en lugar de LimeSpot?

Experiencia personalizada más completa
Richer onsite personalization
Most of the other solutions, like Limespot, only give you product recommendations.

With DataCue, it’s possible to show banners for each visitor based on their activities and personalized notifications. We also send personalized emails to your customers who’ve agreed to receive marketing email. This creates a truly personal experience for all your visitors.
Notifications personalizados
Personalized notifications
To complete the personalization experience, DataCue offers automated and personalized notifications. We show customers stock and price alert based on their unique viewing history. No more blasting the same popup to everyone!
Atribución de clicks transparente
transparent CLICKS attribution
Most clients who have used solutions like Limespot tell us that they are skeptical of the revenue claimed by the app.

We understand this concern and are trying to be as transparent as we can about revenue attribution. For each order via DataCue, we show you when the click happened and for which type of recommendation. Trust is the most important thing.
No pagas de más
no bill shock
At DataCue, we believe you should be in charge of your budget. There shouldn’t be any surprises when you receive a receipt at the end of the month.

That’s why our pricing is fixed at $29 for the basic plan. For an advanced plan with all the features included, you can tell us your budget and we will never exceed it

We understand you want to make sure this is the right switch from Limespot or similar solutions, that’s why we offer a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. We are confident you will love it.
Sin dashboards complejos
no complicated dashboards
There are two problems with most dashboards. It either overwhelms you with a lot statistics you don’t need to know or fails to give you something valuable you can implement on your store right away.

That's why we summarize for you the most important info about your store performance in a way easy to understand.
Obtén insights accionables
actionable insights
With the rich data that we have on what your visitors are doing, we turn this into actionable insights for you. Want to know which banners are the best performing this week? Done! Curious what products get the most views? No sweat.

But that's not all! Iinstead of just overwhelming you with statistics, we give you advice on things you can do to improve your revenue even more and our clients love this.

La personalización es una de las formas más efectivas de mejorar conversión y aumentar las ventas de tu tienda. Es por eso que el 35% de los ingresos de Amazon viene de sus motores de personalización. Sin embargo...¡ya no se trata solo de recomendar productos!

DataCue fue diseñado para emprendedores de Shopify. En lugar de solo mostrar recomendaciones de productos personalizadas, cambiaremos también tus banners, y mostraremos notificaciones relevantes a cada uno de tus usuarios. Además de enviar correos únicos permitiéndote entregar una experiencia personalizada completa. ¡Ah! Con nuestro sistema de atribución transparente, sabrás cómo gastas tu presupuesto.

¡Estamos felices de que consideres DataCue entre las diferentes soluciones para personalizar tu sitio!

Si quieres hacer crecer tu tienda y llevar tu personalización a otro nivel,