Top 12 Ecommerce Marketing Podcasts in 2020 and Their Best Episodes

Ann Pichestapong
May 26, 2020
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There's TONS of information out there on the internet for every question imaginable. While going through long form blogs and articles is insightful, information could be overwhelming.

A much better way is to learn directly from experts who have been in the trench and done exactly what you want to do.

Since not everyone has an ecommerce expert friend on speed dial, podcasts are a great way to hear from the experts who condense their years of learning into an episode.

Podcasts are a great multitasking learning hack as well. Plug in your earphones and hit play on an episode while going about your daily tasks. You just 2X'd your productivity. The trick is knowing how to separate good content from the noise.

The trick is knowing how to separate good content from the noise.

In this post, we handpicked 12 ecommerce podcasts we listened to this year and our favorite episodes with their key takeaways. We’ve categorized the podcasts by e-commerce topic so you can dive straight into what you want to know the most.

Let’s get started!

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1.     Ecommerce Fuel

The host, Andrew Youderian, is an experienced ecommerce entrepreneur who has founded many successful ecommerce stores.

The episodes cover a wide range of ecommerce topics from the latest trends to ecommerce journey of other successful ecommerce entrepreneurs. Andrew’s podcast dives into topics that are not traditionally marketing like packaging, inventory, selling your ecommerce business.

Some of the most interesting episodes include:

  • Designing Custom Packaging for Your Products – In this episode, the guest, Miriam Brafman, founder and CEO of, talks aboutcustom packaging and how it impacts branding and customer experience.
  • Shrinking a Business To Save it – Kevin Stecko discusses how he improved his business by making it smaller and taking a different approach. Kevin went from having a massive warehouse with a huge amount of inventory to scaling back and pricing his products at a premium.
  • A Chat with the Buyer of - Clayton Chrisman acquired In this episode, he shared what he was looking for in an ecommerce business and the due diligence process that he used.


2.      Shopify Across The Pond

Hosted by Adam Pearce from Blend Commerce, Shopify Across The Pond is a 100% Shopify-focused podcast bringing the latest news and developments to UK-based merchants. The episodes cover anything related to Shopify including apps, strategies and processes. Some of our favorites are:

  • How can we embrace tech to prepare for the future of retail? – In this episode, Simon Leesley, Managing Director of Stitch Fix, discusses why personalization is the future of retail. And how brands can improve user experience and brand strength with personalization.
  • How to Build a Mission Driven Brand – In this episode, Adam speaks to Nina Faulhaber, co-founder of DTC brand, ADAY. They discuss why storytelling is important for branding and answering ‘why do you exist’ question.

3. Ecommerce Brain Trust

Hosted by Kiri Masters, the Ecommerce Braintrust podcast gives access to the e-commerce experts and the latest discussions about ecommerce strategies, trends, and innovations.

Some of the most insightful episodes include:

Learning from successful ecommerce entrepreneurs

4. The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

The host, Kurt Elster, is a Shopify expert. Every episode, he brings in other successful Shopify entrepreneurs to get their advice and help other merchants discover opportunities to grow their store.
If you like listening to first hand experiences of other entrepreneurs and their lessons learnt, tune in to these episodes:

  • King Kong Apparel: Selling 60,000+ Gym Bags on Shopify - Stefan Gehrig, a former Research Scientist, started King Kong Apparel in 2011. From a single gym bag, he has successfully brought the brand to a Shopify Plus store that sold 60000+ bags last year.
  • A Shiti Story: $1mm/yr Rebranding Coolers - This is the story of a brand that started with just $400 in parody stickers in 2016. Trevor and Austin Zacny founded Shiti with a simple mission to keep using that same cooler with the rusted lid and squeaky hinges in hope there were more people out there. This has scaled into a seven-figure lifestyle brand 3 years later
  • How Tactical Baby Gear Scaled to Seven-Figures - Shopify Plus merchant Tactical Baby Gear is on a mission to disrupt the booming world of baby products — by specializing in military-style baby gear. Founder Beav Brodie and COO Alex Alexander Kristoff join this episode to discuss their journey and what led to seven-figure success.

5. Shopify Masters Podcast

Felix Thea host's Shopify Master. Each episode, he interviews ecommerce merchants who have launched a successful store on Shopify. You will get some practical advice on how to build your brand from the ground up.

Some interesting episodes from ecommerce store owners include:

  • Why an MBA Was Important For This Entrepreneur - Sali Christeson quit a corporate job to pursue the dream of building a fashion brand for ambitious women to look and feel good while breaking barriers. Sali credits her MBA for building her well-rounded set of skills.
  • This Leather Maker’s Journey From Basement to Seven Figures - Ryan Popoff took on leatherwork as a hobby. In the beginning, he was just making a minimalistic wallet for himself before his wife, Jill, encouraged him to sell online. That’s the start of Popov Leather before Ryan scaled the business from a basement to earn seven figures with 12 full-time employees.

6. My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

Bumblebee Lines was born when Steve Chou’s wife was pregnant with their first child. They both knew that they had to get control back in their lives and decided to quit their desk jobs.

Every week, he interviews other small business owners who are finding success online and have bootstrapped their way to achieve this. The topics are suitable for any would-be entrepreneurs or if you have already started your business but are looking for ways to see tractions.

Some notable episodes include:

  • Nate Lipton On How To Sell Cannabis CBD Products Online - Nate Lipton runs numerous ecommerce CBD businesses. For example, is an 8 figure ecommerce store selling growing supplies and he recently launched a line of cannabis products. For others wanting to break into this space, this is an interesting episode.
  • This One Thing Is Killing Your Profits With Kevin Stecko - Kevin runs an ecommerce store,, which sells t-shirts from the 80s. The t-shirt business was super crowded and competitive. In response, he has decided to increase in price and it’s paid off. The change in strategy led to increase in profit and revenue.

Website and conversion optimization

7. The Winning Ecommerce Experience Show

You can probably tell from this list that we absolutely love the podcast format and we felt we could add something new to the already amazing list of e-commerce podcast shows. My co-founder, Shahram Anver, takes an unusual route where he invites ecommerce merchants and experts to talk about one of the most overlooked ecommerce topics - the homepage. The mission is to help other ecommerce entrepreneurs improve their conversion and user experience. Each guest talks about different design decisions and homepage optimization tactics that have worked for them.
Some of the most popular episodes that we recommend are:

8. Nerd Marketing Ecommerce Podcast

The host, Drew, focuses on clear and actionable ecommerce tips to help you grow your ecommerce business. He’s founded 2 successful ecommerce stores, one of which was bankrupt ten months before Drew came in.

Try these episodes:

9. eCommerce Masterplan

The host, Chloe Thomas, releases a 30-min episode every week where she interviews an ecommerce expert on different marketing topics from content marketing to subscription ecommerce. These episodes below are highly recommended.

Start with these episodes:

Grow more traffic with paid ads, social media and SEO

10. Ecommerce marketing podcast

The podcast covers everything under ecommerce marketing from inbound marketing, paid advertising to conversions.

Start with these episodes:

  • Data Driven Marketing Strategies – The host, Arlen Robinson, speaks to Bill Bice, serial entrepreneur since age 14. He is passionate about enabling smaller businesses to more successfully compete with their larger competitors through effective marketing.
  • Using SEO to Grow the Organic Channel – In this episode, Geoff Atkinson is the Founder and CEO of Huckabuy, talks about SEO, how you can improve it and how you should map out areas to improve.

11. Honest Ecommerce

The Honest Ecommerce show is a weekly podcast. Every week, they provide online store owners with honest, actionable advice to grow their business.

Some of the most insightful episodes are:

12. EcomCrew

The EcomCrew Podcast focuses on tips and tricks to help you build a better and smarter ecommerce marketing strategy. Every week, the hosts, Mike and Dave, release an episode about a topic in marketing. My top 3 favourite episodes are:

  • How to get 5000 Facebook followers for less than $100 - Building a large following takes a lot of work that requires consistent posting of great content over a long period of. However there ARE a few things you can do to help get your Facebook page off the ground. Based on the experiments that they did Page Like ads on Facebook, they were able to get page likes for as cheap as $0.01!
  • How to grow your Instagram following with giveaways – have you been the victim of crappy Instagram giveaways? In this episode, Mike and Dave talk about how to do it right with the same amount of effort but 5x the results.

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