Talking About Personalized Recommendations on Winning with Shopify

Shahram Anver
December 29, 2019

I was recently a co-host of Caroline Balinska's Winning with Shopify podcast. Caroline invites Shopify experts and partners every week to talk about the topic they are deeply passionate about. The content is made for anyone who is just looking to start, grow and accelerate their Shopify business. Caroline is a fun and engaging host and I recommend her podcast to any Shopify business who is looking to take their store to the next level. We spoke about personalization - why it remains one of the most effective ways at improving conversion and sales for any Shopify merchant, how to get started and common mistakes to avoid.

We have quickly summarized the points that were discussed during the podcast and the main takeaways so you can implement personalization for your business right away.


DataCue is a complete personalization solution that works on all ecommerce platforms. If you are using Shopify, the DataCue app can be easily downloaded from the Shopify app store. Once installed, you can use DataCue to dynamically change banners for each visitor. The algorithm analyzes each visitor's browsing and purchase history to recommend products that are most suitable to their interests.

When your business offers a diverse range of products, this is where personalization is most needed. Personalizaiton is all about curating a few products that your visitors like with the highest probability of them clicking or purchasing from you. Personalization reduces information overload and improves user experience. It's not a surprise that it remains one of the most effective ways of improving sales and conversion for any online business.

Traditionally personalization is restricted to product recommendations 'People who bought X also bought Y' type carousel. This is great but doesn't really offer a complete personalized experience for your customers. At DataCue, our mission is to offer complete web personalization. This is why you can personalize the banners, send targeted notifications and show them highly relevant product selections.

What does personalization look like?

Let's have a look at what personalization looks like.

This is based on a lifestyle store. Two visitors can have a completely different landing page based on their previous browsing history.

When they browse to a product page, they will see product recommendations that are relevant. This works great in upselling and cross-selling relevant products.

Showing recently viewed products is a great idea that helps visitors access products they've already viewed quickly. This reduces time to find products and accelerates the purchase.

How to take full advantage of personalization

To achieve your objective of improving sales and conversion with personalization, you should avoid these common pitfalls:

  1. Keep your website looking updated by uploading new banners every 2-3 weeks. While DataCue does the matching between banners and visitors automatically, it's still a good idea to constantly upload new banners to keep things looking fresh. You can access DataCue dashboard and find out which categories your customers are searching for and upload images for those.
  2. Experiment with images. Upload multiple banners of the same category. Wait and see the result after a few weeks. Which one has a higher conversion?
  3. Experiment with text, carousel titles and layout. DataCue offers multiple types of banner and carousel layouts. Experiment and see what has a higher impact to your customers.
  4. Monitor key metrics such as conversion to measure the impact of personalization before and after implementing the solution. Reach out to us to find out how we can keep improving your brand through personalization.

Getting started with DataCue

  1. If you are on Shopify, download DataCue app from the Shopify app store. For other platforms, sign up here.
  2. Add recommendation carousels to your website
  3. Customize the design to fit the look&feel of your store
  4. Upload banners to our dashboard

We hope this podcast has been insightful in getting you started with personalization. Please let us know if you have any questions and how we can help you get started on the personalization journey.

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About the author

Shahram is the co-founder and CTO of DataCue. His passion is to simplify using data science in business so more people can benefit from it.

Sobre el autor

Shahram es co-fundador y CTO de DataCue. Su pasión por simplificar los negocios con el uso de ciencia de datos, ha permitido hacer llegar estos beneficios a más personas y empresas en el mercado.

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