Get more e-commerce revenue from your Ads and SEO with personalization.

DataCue personalizes your store's banner images and products to each visitor.

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Each visitor wants something different. Top brands use personalization to automatically adjust their stores to each visitor.
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Adapt your website based on Ad / search query

Your most valuable visitors arrive via Ads and search queries. People searching and clicking on products suggest a higher purchase intent.

As soon as they arrive, show them more images and products related to their purchase interest and increase the chance they buy from you.

baby crib
kitchen accessories

Understand your customers with easy A/B testing + analytics

Find out which banner images and products are the best performers. Get statistics of individual elements instead of generic page statistics like homepage visits.
Use these insights to design banner images that better suit your audience.

A/B test similar images to know which style fits your audience the best.

Get tips on making better ads and content

Every week we'll automatically tell you what content on your site made the biggest contribution to your sales.

Apply these insights on your Ad campaigns and content creation to grow your business even faster by knowing which keywords and products to prioritize.

See which categories are in popular, get improvement recommendations.

What our customers are saying

Maida & Nico

With DataCue, our homepage is automatically updated and stays interesting for our clients. It's like remarketing on your own website. We have found that DataCue impacts 17% of our monthly sales value.

Javiera Soto
Digital Director

DataCue has helped us to offer a more personalized service based on what our clients are looking for. This also helps improve our conversion. It's great!

Paula Labra

Awesome app!  We have been using it for over a year and our homepage changes to each user's interest.  The DataCue team is extremely helpful!

Diego Reátegui
E-commerce Manager

DataCue is the solution we were looking for. It shows each client the products they're most interested in and this helps us convert. Having a technology similar to Amazon's is highly beneficial, affordable and very appealing.

Personalization works
avg order value

These 5 Simple but Effective Personal Touches Are Proven to Boost Shopify Conversion Rates

Want personalization but don't want to fiddle around with a dozen different complicated tools?

With a simple, 15 minute set up, Shopify takes care of all your personalization needs with 1 app.

Here's how:

With DataCue, your site remembers what products and categories each returning visitor was interested in...

And automatically displays relevant banners without you lifting a finger!

last looked at baby items

last looked at bedroom items

When an item is low in stock, back in stock or on discount, DataCue remembers who is interested in it and let's them know!

They'll receive a friendly notification encouraging them to check it out.

DataCue uses email to bring back your existing customers with personalized email recommendations.

DataCue increases the likelihood of checkout by showing similar and related products on multiple pages.

Don't make your visitors filter their way through your categories.

Feature the products they're most likely to click on to make browsing easier.

Want to see it in action?

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