Large businesses grow by using data effectively.

DataCue's goal is to help small business do the same.

Understanding your customer is critical

Hello! We're Ann and Shahram, co-founders of DataCue. We both used to work for large tech companies—we met at IBM and Shahram later moved to TripAdvisor and Ann moved to consulting.

One thing the big tech companies do very well is to use their data to understand what their customers want. Amazon understands what kind of books will sell well. YouTube knows what kind of videos you like.

So we thought - what about smaller businesses? We built DataCue with you in mind. No coding required and no complex setup because we know you're busy.

We want to make Data Science as easy as possible.

It's easy to get lost in the world of buzzwords like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning. Our goal with DataCue is to simplify it to an extent that anyone can use it.

As a store owner, you're the best person to judge if the recommendations you see make sense. We take of building complex prediction models and you can see the results on your website everyday.

We're simplifying data science by helping you focus on the results. You can see the impact on your website and on your sales and leave the heavy lifting math to us.

What does DataCue mean?

We're happy you asked! In acting terminology, cue is a signal for an actor to say their line/do something. Our goal for DataCue has always been to take action instead of showing you even more data. We're tired of dashboards and analytics with pretty graphs. DataCue acts at the right time to delight your customers. Pretty graphs come later.

For instance, if a visitor has spent ages looking at jeans, it's clear she wants a pair of jeans. Isn't it more useful that we show her your jeans collections at that moment instead of showing you a graph a week later with stats that people find jeans interesting?

If you agree, we should definitely talk! Actually, if you don't agree, we should probably talk too—we're intrigued.

Meet the family!


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Do you have any questions?

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