Turn more e-commerce visitors into customers with dynamic banners

Automatically show each visitor the right banner images to suit their purchase interest.

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Create a personalised experience that goes beyond product recommendations.
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Get your visitor's attention with personalized banner images

Most e-commerce websites show the same banners to everyone.
DataCue automatically shows the banners that best suit each visitor's interest. Just upload your banners to the DataCue dashboard, no coding or hassle.

Make more visitors into customers with product recommendations

You have hundreds of products—which ones do you show your visitors? Using your customers' behaviour and orders, DataCue analyzes and delivers 1:1 recommendations to all your visitors in real time.

Showing products each visitor is most likely to buy,
- reduces the paradox of choice
- increases average order value with upselling and cross-selling
- boosts conversion.

DataCue product recommendations can be added to different pages of your website, including the home page, product pages, cart page and your category pages. Try them out!

baby crib
kitchen accessories

Keep your homepage looking fresh to encourage repeat visitors

Most e-commerce stores show every visitor the same content regardless if they're a first time visitor or loyal customer. It always looks the same.

With dynamic banners and product recommendations, your homepage will keep refreshing completely automatically to suit each visitor.

Upload banners once and your homepage always looks updated for every visitor.

What our customers are saying

Maida & Nico

With DataCue, our homepage is automatically updated and stays interesting for our clients. It's like remarketing on your own website. We have found that DataCue impacts 17% of our monthly sales value.

Javiera Soto
Digital Director

DataCue has helped us to offer a more personalized service based on what our clients are looking for. This also helps improve our conversion. It's great!

Paula Labra

Awesome app!  We have been using it for over a year and our homepage changes to each user's interest.  The DataCue team is extremely helpful!

Diego Reátegui
E-commerce Manager

DataCue is the solution we were looking for. It shows each client the products they're most interested in and this helps us convert. Having a technology similar to Amazon's is highly beneficial, affordable and very appealing.

Personalization works
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