Show the right content to each visitor and increase sales.

DataCue increases your online store sales by showing relevant banners and products for each visitor based on their activity.

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our clients love us.

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The experience we personalise

Banners and Products

Make every visitor feel welcome by changing your whole website to reflect what they are interested in. Show different banners and products to each visitor.


Instead of bombarding your users with pop-ups, let's only alert them to events they are interested in. If a product a visitor cares about is on discount, low in stock or recently back in stock—we'll send them a subtle notification.

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Email works best when your subscribers look forward to hearing from you. Instead of sending everyone the same content, we can send each subscriber only the content they want to see.

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We work with rockstars!

Maida & Nico
Depto 51 founders

With DataCue, our homepage is automatically updated and stays interesting for our clients. It's like remarketing on your own website. We have found that DataCue impacts 17% of our monthly sales value.

Javiera Soto
Digital Director

DataCue has helped us to offer a more personalized service based on what our clients are looking for. Which also helps to improve our conversion. It's great!

Javiera Sarratea
CEO Feriaferio

DataCue helped us grow. It’s amazing how much personalisation improves our conversion just by testing and measuring.

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1-click installation available for:
All other platforms can be integrated using our Developer API guide.
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